Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Benefits of Touch and Why Breast and Stomach Massage is Important Too

Many of us haven't grown up use to being nurtured in a way where touch was part of our lives. So many people I've worked on say their parents worked hard, took care of the family financially, but it's common to hear they never bonded as children through sharing really intimate conversations, or have been nurtured, massaged as babies, children, or even gave their father a nice backrub after work, or rubbed their mom's feet after chasing their little sister, or brother around. We've even lost traditions where women sit around and nurture each other, because we are afraid of intimacy, our own sexuality, illnesses, because religion, and media has portrayed closeness as something that just isn't acceptable, so, so much fear, and shame. So we shake hands instead of hug, or kiss in an innocent way, and massage is often viewed as prostitution vs a sacred healing modality. Touch is powerful, it awakens the body physically, relaxing our muscles, all the chatter in
our minds, and brings us closer to our own divinity with ourselves, and each other. Massage in general moves blood, oxygen, creates better circulation in the body, and brings all our systems back into balance, and you just need a bit of gentle manipulation to allow for any pain, or locked trauma to be released, so we can move into the light, and a state of happiness, and connection with our beings again. Often I hear of massage therapists skipping the stomach, or breast, as many are uncomfortable with it themselves, and it can force us to look at our own sexuality, which can often be a catylst for our own healing, when we offer it to clients. I offer it to everyone, women, and men. The breast have lymph nodes, glands, and in women especially it helps tenderness during menstruation, and to keep lymph fluid moving to avoid any cancer cells developing, or soreness. Our stomachs are our emotional centers, so any massage there helps us surface any feelings
that are hidden, needing to be released, and it's great for digestion, and again, during menstruation, or receiving it right before can reduce cramping. It's important that all therapists respect their's, and clients boundaries, and limits, so I check in to make sure these often vulnerable areas are ok to massage, but I always suggest it, as I like to give a complete holistic experience. This isn't for everyone, and that's ok. Different strokes for different folks is a good motto, one that must always be remembered. Happy day everyone. Cheers to being loved, and touched as much as possible...


angie nuzzolilo said...

Joy gives the best massage I have ever had. Not only do I get a massage but it also turns into education for me. Yes I am a talker as well I ask questions and Joy teaches. She is very profesional and I love her. I will never use another massage therapist.

Joy Clarkson AS, LMT said...

Thank you Angie for your kind words. I love YOU too!