Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist: Shen Essentials Laryssa Robideau

I met Laryssa I believe in 2006. I was very sick then, had come back from a failed move to California, and was stressed emotionally, was covered practically head to toe with excruciating ezcema. She and I ended up doing a trade back when I worked at In Balance, and she was about 7 months pregnant, lively as could be. It turned out she had 20 plus years experience with Aromatherapy and Herbalism. She helped bring me out of the dark so I could use better oils on not only my own body, but my clients too. Then she helped me convert from a strictly vegetarian diet to one that was more balanced with organic, and socially conscious meats, raw milks, and cheeses. I remember one thing she said to me then, it totally changed my whole life. She said, "what makes meat more superior than veggies, isn't it ALL living? That was it, all i needed to hear, I changed my ways, through bodywork with her, nutritional changes, using her wonderful products, and within 3
months my ezcema completely cleared up, after a year of struggling with it ruining my life, and self esteem. There is just so much wisdom, and personal experience behind this gorgeous woman's being, and we've each contributed to helping each other in many ways, she's a highly valued friend to me. She also does Aromatherapy Facial Rejuvenations, Sound Healing, and Energywork, and some of my favorite products she sells are deodorant cremes, facial scrubs, and essential oil perfumes. All of what she makes is top of the line, no messing around, 100% organic, with the utmost integrity, and love. I encourage you to check her out at http://www.shenessentials.com.

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