Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sacred Handmade Feather Earrings for Sale!

Last summer at the Start on the Street Festival my favorite booth was the feather man named Eddie. He collected different ones from various hunters, made wreaths, dream catchers, and sold wings, lose feathers from many birds, at a very inexpensive price, because he just wanted to share the joy, preciousness of these sacred creatures. After awhile of talking to him, he mentioned he was a Reiki Master, and he did lots of healing work, feeling connected to these birds energetically, could feel their spirits, and knew it was an honor to be blessed with their offerings. He asks everyone who buys his feathers to email him a picture of what they make with them, because it brings him so much joy to see how they're used, which i've yet to do, but will soon. I ended up buying a male, and female pheasant wing, which is what most of my earrings now are made of, but some come from friends who gift me them from their birds, or have been given, or I find. The
other materials I use are recycled, from local craft stores, one being http:// I try not to use plastic,
only metal, wood, bone, glass beads, or stuff from other jewelry I've taken apart, and recreated in my own unique way. I sometimes make pairs, and also singles for one ear. Though you may have same feathers as another person, no two creations are alike, unless you want them to be. If you have others earrings that have broke, or beads, charms on necklaces that are special to you, and you still want to keep the essence of person who gave it to you, then I can make a whole new set, or single, birthed into a fun new creation. This new hobby of mine has been so meditative, and enjoyable, so I hope you can feel the love I feel when making them. I plan to sell them in my local networking, and spiritually connective communities such as Red Tent Temple, Drum Circles, and local art stores. Blessings, and happy craft thoughts...

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