Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Healthy Spices

Years ago my doctor wanted to put me on blood thinners, for me to take an aspirin a day, but that didn't feel right. So often synthetic drugs break down the body physiologically, and do not support it, so I looked for an alternative solution. It turns out half the spices I LOVED were great for me. Many spices that are super stimulating are vasodilators, meaning they open your blood vessels, so all flows smoothly, and you are getting oxygen to all your systems. If something makes you sweat, or feel energized, it's usually a good sign it's moving things along, blood, bowels, even urinating more frequently. I often say if you're somebody with heart challenges, eat Indian food, for those at risk for blood clots anyways, ha ha...then you're all set! Some traditionally used spices they use are cumin, and curry. Cinnamon, clove is excellent too, pepper, and like I noted before rosemary is great for circulation. Always keep these on hand, and you'll be ahead of
the game. There are other spices that are great, but these are some common ones to get you started. You can purchase wonderful organic ones, no chemicals at,o r your local healthfood store, maybe even mainstream supermarket, but of course, like always, I try to support local, and independent first. Good luck, and blessings for happy hearts, physically, and emotionally....

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