Friday, January 6, 2012

Primal Freestyle Dancing as my New Yoga

Ahhh...the great mystery, who is the Massage Therapist behind the rub, and what does she do to take care of herself? Just the other day I was dreaming of taking a yoga class, but I realized " dancing is my new yoga!" For many years I participated in traditional meditation, and yoga twice a day, as a way to open up my body, and calm my mind, a pretty strict routine everyday, but then I went to my first drum circle, and boy was I changed...FOREVER! I originally thought I was going just to have fun, but then I realized it was shifting my body, and consciousness in such a profound way. Years ago I had open heart surgery, so it was a continual process to open up my muscles again, loosen fascia, and connective tissue, which can be done, with bodywork, but dancing was just so fun, a playful way to heal. Primal freestyle dance is different than most other styles, because there is no structure, you just move, flow to the rhythm of the drums, or other instruments combined that makes an unique beat, which ebbs and flows, and every circle is different, depending on who is there, and what they bring, all of it is so transcendent, brings you from the mind into your body, leaving the ego behind. After some time I noticed I was moving in ways I never thought possible, sometimes wild, other times just calmly swaying. I was letting go of old sexual wounds, even leaving behind stories of abuse, and the calm that came over me after from the release was incredible! So do I think dancing can replace yoga? No, it's just another tool, can be done in your kitchen, nature, with a group of people. We all need outlets for joy, and this is one of my favorites.

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