Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is a Warm Stone Massage and Skin Brushing?

People have been using stones for thousands of years to help heal. They are part of the earth, can help ground, center you. I've used them cold on my belly for menstrual pain, heavy ones put pressure, helping with cramping, or i've used them on my head for headaches, even a sore neck. In my work I've even just placed them on peoples bodies while facilitating energy work. Warm stone is a bit different though.. I heat them to a temperature that is comfortable, and when I feel they are warm enough, but not so they burn, I place them on areas of tension, incorporating them with a regular massage, then using the stones also gliding along the body. They are typically basalt stones, which are soft, made from volcanic ash, carrying ancient earth wisdom, power, and the heat really takes you to a deeper place of relaxation, calming the mind body, almost reminding you of being snug, warm in the womb of mother nature. Each session, person is different, so where
I place them is inspired by that. I do offer a facial steam also, which is accompanied by essential oils that are placed in the roaster with my stones. Sometimes people wondering if I'm cooking a turkey, but are surprised to see stones when I open the cover, it's funny. Some of my stones come from Maine too, as a friend collected me some there from the beaches. I do also offer a full body skin brushing, which helps give the body an extra lymphatic cleansing, so you can release toxins, get your blood, circulation flowing better, great for the winter, and the heart, all your systems really. The brush is soft, slight bit coarse for exfoliating the skin, but still very soothing. I do have one that's a bit more coarse for the feet. So basically all you need to know is, getting a warm stone massage is yummy, like going on a tropical vacation... Yes I can even add music to help enhance that image, and you don't even have to spend hundreds of dollars on a
plane ticket, or hotel expenses to slip away into this dream sesssion, you can come to my beautiful space right here in Worcester. Warm wishes, and Blessings...

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