Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why Organic Massage Oils Are Beneficial During a Massage

Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, so everything you put on it absorbs into your blood, or lymphatic system that circulates through your whole body bringing life to every system. A blocked lymphatic system from to many chemicals can make a person really sick. Many of mainstream skin-care products out there are loaded with chemicals, alcohol, which dries out your skin, and even the "natural" stuff often has some kind of preservative, because it gives it a longer shelf life . In massage school, or at least mine they didn't stress as much the importance of oils, so it took me years to figure out what was better, and it truly was meeting my friend Laryssa Robideau, who's a professional Aromatherapist, and Herbalist at Oils, or body care products that are 100% natural get absorbed into the skin vs sit on top, that's often how you know they are pure, they feed, nourish, support your body, physically, spiritually, as they are so close to the earth, and the best medicine we can find is in nature. All the massage, aromatherapy oils I use in my practice are not only organic, natural, but some are wild-crafted, and socially conscious, meaning they are being made, or distilled in places where the workers are happy, and paid fairly. I buy most of my stuff from, and another good place is http://www.whitelotusaromatics, which is also where I get my incense that smells divine. If you are a client, feel your Massage Therapist is unaware of the benefits of organic oils, educate them, bringing people from the dark helps everyone, be proactive, be love...for all things, your body, the planet. Blessings.

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