Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eating Whole Food, Organic, Raw, Honoring Ancient Diet Wisdom

So what is a whole food diet, and what does that mean as an American? In our culture, everything is so busy, our jobs, tasks, hobbies, mind, technology consumes us, so much, we forget who we are on a deep level, forget how to be silent, and our connection to nature is lost, and it even happens to myself at times, but I recently decided to change that. Upon chipping a tooth, I realized food, nutrition is VITAL to keeping the body strong. The Native Americans ate large amounts of wild game meat, fish, nuts, and berries, root vegetables, whatever was in season, which gave them fat, protein, nutrients, minerals which kept them warm, bones strong, skin, hair beautiful. Many of our ancestors migrated to where the food, and crops would grow best, and they knew this as they carried connection to all the elements, and earth to guide them. Milk actually was not a staple, but now it is, and raw milk is best, Jersey cows being the closest to pure, and wild like
their ancestors the aurochs. Goats milk is actually the closest to human mothers milk also. Many cows are actually genetically manipulated now, just like some of our veggies. I even recently came across chickens raised with no feathers, to help make it easier for the slaughter process, seems cruel, inhumane, to the animals, and to mankind to me. The other diet that makes sense to me, but keep in mind, it is not traditional to New England, is from India, but still great, is Ayurvedic cooking. They encourage using lots of various spices to enhance consciousness, body vitality, and I can tell you, just from cutting out sugar, processed foods, even wheat, not trying to, but many recipes are made with rice, or oat flour, eating more greens, slightly warmed in the winter, as I am a vata constitution, and fruit that satiate me, I feel so alive, vibrant, my mind is clear, and I haven't suffered from excruciating headaches, so there's something to it. They
don't discourage sweets for those who crave it, but they
suggest organic, raw apple ciders, using maple syrup, honey, as they carry high nutrient value, but can be heated, but not boiled, as you won't get the full benefits. I recently made ginger snap cookies from my Ayurvedic Cookbook, and was amazed by how filling, delicious, and just sweet enough they were. They also advocate getting lots if rest, doing things you enjoy, and for them yoga is complementary to their diet. For the Native Americans, it was hard work, drumming, dancing, ritual, and their connection to the land, and of course music, and celebration was important to the Vedas too, but they had different rituals, instruments. Please keep in mind, this is my perspective, what spirit has passed down to me, intuitively, through my own experiences, and research, but ultimately I encourage you really trusting your own guidance system as to what's best, as that's where most of the greatest wisdom lays. Namaste and blessings to our sweet mother earth

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