Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist- Daniel Schmidt LMT,Reiki II, Polarity Therapist, RPT03,

" Be it the manifestation of wealth, confidence, mobility, enlightenment, love, or other worldly desire, the power to do so lies within."

Born and raised within a family of talented healers, a natural inspiration of love, faithfulness in the divine, and the realities of living within bliss has encouraged Dan to exercise his intuitive talents to their fullest potential. It is from these early childhood beliefs of unity through love that he has grown onto this path of spirituality, health, and total wellness. Combining a free spirited intuitive practice with the profound tools of Polarity therapy, Massage, and RYSE, it has become his life's work in making true healing possible to everyone who seeks it.

*Dan is also a craftsman, enjoys making other things that inspire, flow out of him, all which he has for sale also... Check it out...!


 Made from recycyled pvc pipes, burned, created to look like authentic wood didges, beeswax applied on the mouth opening. They are gorgeous, sound beautiful, I now proudly own one. 

Meditation Pyramids


Wrapped Jewelry

To find out more about Dan's offerings, creations, pricing, or to contact him, go to

                                                             Happy Leap Frog Day All!

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