Monday, February 13, 2012

My Sustainable Business and Simple Life: More as Less for Better Well-Being

Most of us are just trying to do our best in this world of disconnect, consumerism on so many levels. Those who are conscious, we make an effort everyday to live in a place that's in harmony with mother nature. About 5 years ago I sacraficed a lot to honor the planet better. I lived in the city, so I thought having a car was not necessary, so i sold mine, that if I needed a ride somewhere far, I'd carpool, chip in gas money. For awhile I lived with a friend, worked, and lived out of one room, it was kind of nice. Eventually I transitioned to my own space. I made a few adjustments to live simply, and within my means, so I could run my business more inexpensively, sustainably, and in an eco-feiendly way. So not only did I live, and work there, paying one rent, but I also gave up my dryer, and made an indoor clothesline. All my sheets, most are recycled, washed in baking soda, vinegar, and natural dish soap. I also make all my own cleaning products.
So much of the furniture in my space is recycled, given to me, or traded for. I hardly use my overhead lights, have small Christmas lights, and one of my friends says she actually warms her house with a bunch of candles. All my oils are put in glass containers, never plastic, which leaches toxic chemicals, and I encourage people to wash, and recycle them when bringing them back to me to refill. As far as my everyday life, which all collides, when you truly live holistically, I shop for my clothes at local thrift stores, and even have started crafting my own, making things handmade, which feels good, and I can sell on the side, using as much natural, recycled as possible. I eat all organic, which isn't necessarily cheaper, except in the summer when Farmers Market are around, but it's better for my body, and a more aware option compared to the food that doesn't support the bodies healing process. I have gotten really creative with cooking too, which
has felt good, more proactive, and rare in our world, when so much is bought out of boxes. Living simply, decorating only with that i love, not just to have stuff, and working a job I love has given me back my freedom, and joy, material posessions does not define, or control me, and it's the relationships I have with people that have become the most important. Now if I could only figure a way to make hooping eco-friendly, that would be cool...ha ha. Baby steps. That's all we can do...yet still moving forward. Blessings on your journey to less that doesn't serve you, and more that does.

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