Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Oooh Baby i Like my Milk Raw!!"

While journeying out to rent movies tonight, I realized it was bitchin cold! I thought what I need is some warm raw milk with ginger to get some fire in my gut going, to heat my body up, a good desert after a healthy dinner. Raw milk, "uggh!" That's what some say, and even fear, as we've been pasteurizing the hell out of our milk since 1890's due to worry about illnesses. Before then it came straight from the cows nips. Raw milk is full of enzymes, and bacteria that help balance the intestinal flora, and strengthen the immune system. It has full fat, is unprocessed from pasture fed cows. It taste no different, has a slight yellow tinge, but is cleaner, organic, and the delicious cream is usually left on the top to enjoy. I use it in my baking, to enjoy alone, or warm sometimes for relaxing with nutmeg, to help me sleep, or you can put cardamom, cinnamon, ginger to really stimulate digestion, to open your blood vessels. If you are transitioning
from pasteurized to raw, I suggest easing in, as your body adjusts to the bacteria, or your bowels will pay for it, and I have first hand experience with this...ha ha. A friend luckily encouraged me to slow down. I think this is important to introduce to your children also as they are growing, once they are done breastfeeding. It's good for everyone, and the fact it is not, that's a myth, so keep on milking away...raw baby, "ooh baby we like it raw" here at Enjoy Holistic Healing. You can find it locally at Misty Brook Farm in Barre, Ma.., or call 413-477-8234. Another good place is Robinson's Farm... Warm Milk Wishes on This Shivery Night...

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