Tuesday, March 27, 2012

7.1 Sacred Sound at Amethyst Point Massage Therapy & Wellness Center

On April 15 at 2pm 7.1 Sacred Sound will be facilitating a group sound bath meditation we call "Musical Journey to Self Through Vibration." You will be surrounded by 7 points of musical bliss, all channeled intuitively in the moment. We use various instruments as tools for healing, such as drums, percussion, Tibetan bowls, tingshas, chanting, and much more, and the 1 stands for the center of universal love, and life force energy that connects us all. It helps bring awareness of mind, body, spirit, giving you a sense of calm, peace, and clarity, clearing out old emotional baggage, making room for new abundant opportunities, aligning you more with your own creativity, and joy. We hope to see many of you there! It's $15 per person for an hour.
* Please bring a yoga mat to lay on, pillows for your knees, and head if you need it to be more comfortable, and a blanket to keep warm.

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