Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist: Amy Bedard LMT, Polarity and Reiki Practitioner, Shamanic Journeying

Amy Bedard is a registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, Polarity practitioner and Reiki facilitator; she also has extensive experience in shamanic journeying through the use of sound, singing, movement and art. Through this adventure of life, Amy has harnessed the power of drumming to use in her own healing and growth as a person.
"There is a growing body of scientific research that illustrates how drumming and especially drumming in groups can reduce stress, lower pulse and blood pressure, enhance immune function, promote total brain integration, increase self esteem and create a sense of belonging."
She wishes to bring this power to others to assist them to become all they can be.

Amy, her husband and their two children have created a unique experience for children and their parents called "Kids in Rhythm". This program is carefully crafted to develop creativity, curiosity, communication and connection through guided drumming, singing, dancing and storytelling. Contact Amy for the next Kids in Rhythm date and time!!!

Amy has a few other projects in development. The first being "Hands for Hospice" where she will use comforting touch and sound to sooth and celebrate the soul through its transition. In the future she will be bringing the power of drumming to people with dementia in nursing homes sparking memory, building connections and cultivating joy.

Amy also enjoys crafting drums with others that they can use in their rhythm journey. Through this process she will take the person on an adventure to create their soul drum. They will make a drum that truly resonates with their entire being, a drum that beats as their own heart, a drum that will send them dancing and singing into transformation.

"Discovering, empowering, and celebrating humanity

through the power of drumming

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