Friday, March 23, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist: Dreamcatcher's by Lily

Lily Chaleff is a graduate student at Clark University, working towards finishing her masters in communication this May. She began creating dream catchers over the holidays through inspiration of gift giving. After her first creation, she knew she had found an artistic passion and chose to begin making them as a hobby.

The dreamcatchers are made from a combination of bought, natural, and found materials. Most hoops are made from an invasive vine that is easy to find in local forest areas. The wood is soaked, shaped, and sometimes stripped of the bark to form the hoop.   Smaller hoops are made from other flexible branches.  The web is made from different colored hemp. The beads and the feathers are currently bought. Lily hopes to continue to increase her collection of found and recycled materials until there is no need to bought items for the construction of the dreamcatchers.

Each dreamcatcher has its own personality and inspiration behind it. The design is uniquely inspired each time, and if the buyer chooses to commission a dreamcatcher or simply ask for a special one made for them, the inspiration for the design comes directly from the individual.

Price varies depending on size and the amount of materials used in the dreamcatcher. If you are interested in her work, please visit her facebook page (Dreamcatchers by Lily - ). You can also contact her through message via facebook to arrange a time to choose or commission a dreamcatcher.

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