Monday, April 30, 2012

Special for May: Personal Sound Therapy Session

For the past 5 years I have been drumming, and dancing. I keep going back because I have found great results. It helped me heal headaches, my sexuality, and give me a sense of calm after. Many times later in the evening we take down the energy with chanting, and meditative instruments, so to restore a sense of balance. A few of us took these experiences , and created meditative sound baths, and found many people were being transformed, and healed. This list I'm about to give you comes from not only have people I've facilitated for, but has been my experience too.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

- Heals trauma on deep levels, emotionally, and physically, as often after, it dissolves.

- Balances all the systems in the body.

- Relaxes you, giving you a sense of rest. Many sleep well after.

- Each session gives you awareness of self. All in all, it makes you a happier, healthier, calmer person, helping you enjoy life more.

Benefits of Individual vs Group Session

One on one helps you explore in a more vulnerable way, and if stuff surfaces, I can hold you in it, until it passes, in a safe, and intimate space, just me, and you. I often use crystals, or ritual smudging to help clear unwanted energy, to make room for clarity, and more of what serves you.

A friend once said after a session, " that was a very tangible experience, it took me on a journey through my body."
I too have experienced it that way.

* I use many instruments as tools....drums, Tibetan bowls, hand percussion, didgeridoo, my voice.

*For the month of May I'm offering personal sessions for $30.

Book today, be changed forever!


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