Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist: Milanek Holograph: Orgonite Gifting and Facilitator

I am just a drop in the sea, a spiritual being having a human experience... as we all are... all connected by the sea.... or call it it what you like.... I ask many questions, thirst for answers and solutions. Some people don't like "us" to ask questions but that shouldn't stop us...the opposite really...when one looks behind certain curtains carefully enough, one finds a lot of interesting, beautiful, scary or shocking, magickal or empowering information and knowledge... and i like to share them...certain 'events" got me on a searching journey...well...being born was one of the events... as each life time our soul experiences...but the recent one were rather more conscious...the most empowering solution i found and started to make 4 years ago, was will probably ask what on Earth is Orgonite...well, in short it is a matrix of materials based on a scientific research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich which is capable of transforming
negative energy into physics... positive ionization (not life supporting ) to negative ionization ( life supporting ) ... Orgone is just one of the names for life energy, prana, chi etc... I love it for its great abilities and wide range uses. Like protection from EMF pollution that our communities are bombarded through the widely spread cell phone towers, WiFi networks, mobile phones, smart meter etc...great for healers to work with...clearing the blockages in our subtle energy systems, attuning our chakras, releasing old energies that do not serve rising energy of entire cities with tactical Orgonite gifting( my next gift project is to rise the energy of Worcester, Ma, and I would appreciate any donations towards materials). Orgonite is great for sleeping problems too...and so on i could go but you can learn all about it on my wee website...and much more if you spend some time there you will discover that i have left there
endless amount of doors there which will take you in many places...when one looks one finds...
But enough of my rumblings, if you are interested, enter one of my many doors bellow .

Lak'ech Ala K'in

Milanek Holograph Especially the wee blog, packed with pathways :) few of my pieces, more to come... rather important issue.

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