Friday, October 26, 2012

Learn Swedish Lomi Lomi Massage

Nov 18 11am-5pm
Joy's Massage Studio - Worcester

Offering to teach a 5-6 hour massage class to two people looking to learn, who will be practicing on each other. Breast massage is for women only, but tummy is open to everyone, and long as all parties are comfortable with that, but it is important for maintaining the lymphatic system, and clearing your emotional center. You will learn Swedish, and Lomi Lomi techniques, which basically is relaxation massage, and long forearm stroke techniques. This is a gentler style of massage, and helps practioner work less hard, with more flow, ease, enjoyment, and connection, for the giver, and receiver. I also will teach you breathwork, so you can clear energy, and maintain your strength for a longer session. Its $150 each. We will take a break for lunch, which will be a potluck. All oils, and linens will be provided. I can give book references if you want to study the muscles after to have more of a complete understanding. I see this as an adult homeschool
continuing ed project. Call me, or Facebook me to book, and pay a $75 deposit by Nov 12. 774-922-3383.

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