Monday, January 7, 2013

Feature Holistic Artist for January: Jessica Pink Licensed Massage Therapist

Jessica Pink is a licensed massage therapist. She has been practicing massage for nearly four years. Her practice is located in Warwick,RI within Warren/Pilloni chiropractic. Her close working relationship with Dr. Dave Pilloni is a testament to her desire to offer a collaborative and holistic approach to your well-being. Jessica's training and experiences cover a wide range of modalities including, spa services and eastern massage. She also offers various massage complements which include: hot towels, hot stones and hand blended aromatic oils.
Jessica's also is an artist who is inspired by her experiences and emotions. Working primarily in watercolors now, she began painting in 2006 with acrylics. Her use of mediums has expanded much since then; incorporating charcoals, pencil, ink, pastels, digital art, paper and copper. Her current projects include an ever growing body of paintings, a series of recursive poetry books and handforming copper sculpture to adorn the body.

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