Friday, February 28, 2014

Special for March: Hour Long Sound Healing Journey for $40.

During this session you will be laying down on a yoga mat on the floor, with pillows, for comfort, if needed, and a blanket. I will open the energy with a guided breathwork meditation, with my crystal bowl, chanting is often incorporated, gongs, Tibetan bowls vibrating over your body, and other percussion will be intuitively used, some such as a hand drum, shakers, didgeridoo, etc. It will end with a gentle smudging of either sage, or palo santo, and 10 minutes in the silence after. Many have experienced visions during this, messages, surfacing of emotions, pain that needs to be released, but the most steady, and common thing I hear, is a feeling of a deep state of relaxation, and calm after, but I encourage you to come with no expectations, just a willingness to surrender, and to let the energy take you wherever it chooses to go. Dress loosely, and comfortably for this. You can contact me at 774-922-3383 to schedule an appointment. Bless you, and have a great day...

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