Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sound Healing with Joy at Eastern and Western Medical Center

Friday April 11 7pm-8:30pm

381 Park Ave.
Worcester, Ma 01610

Enjoy a relaxing evening of chanting, a short breathwork meditation, and sound healing, using a beautiful crystal bowl, hand gongs, tibetan bowls, various other percussion instruments. This particular event you will also get to experience the sound vibrations from a giant Paiste gong, really taking you to a deep, deep state of relaxation, and transformation. 

Cost $20


bryan flake said...

I have had a bad back for a few months now and nothing has seemed to work. I am turning to holistic healing. Is there anything that I need to know in particular about holistic healers?


Joy Clarkson AS, LMT said... me, and I can guide you, and answer any questions you have about stuff...774-922-3383.

Joy Clarkson AS, LMT said...

P.s. Massage, and sound healing can both help you with your back. You are welcome to make an appointment with me, and/or attending one of my group sound healings could be effective too, but me, and we can discuss all this further if you'd like.

Healtone said...

Sounds are vibrations that leave an impact on our mind and body depending on its type and Healtone’s Sound Healing is a therapeutic application of restoring health through sounds at different frequencies.

There are number of frequencies which heal the illness in a natural and effective way which are known as Healing Sound. Healtone’s Sound Healing helps person to gain a calm mental state, lower the blood pressure, help in mental and psycho-emotional difficulties and relieve stress. Healtone’s Sound Therapy can also help person under medical treatment in increasing the rate of healing of any illness.