Thursday, May 8, 2014

Intuitive Crystal Healing and Sound Therapy Workshop

May 24 3pm-4:30pm

The Heartwell Institute
1015 Pleasant St.
Worcester, Ma

Please pre-register at

Learn how to use crystals intuitively, and which crystals correspond with the chakras. A handout will be given as a basic beginner guide on crystal healing, and you will be given a chance to look through some crystal books. Later you will actually receive a crystal healing, accompanied by a beautiful Om cd, sealing the energy with the help of a sweet, and gentle crystal bowl, followed by a smudging with white sage.

* Please bring yoga mats, pillows, cushions, light blanket, for comfort, warmth, and water.

Cost: $20

Facilitator: Joy Clarkson AS, LMT, Energyworker, Sound Healer