Massage and Bodywork

Swedish Lomi Lomi Massouage

A relaxing massage combining long flowing forearm strokes, trigger point therapy, and gentle stretching techniques.

~ 1 hr. $60
~ 11/2 hr. $80

Aromatherapy Massage

Incorporating beautiful organic essential oils with long flowing forearm strokes, trigger point therapy, and gentle stretching techniques.

~ 1 hr. $65
~ 11/2 hr. $85

Package Deals:

~ Buy 5 one hour massages and get one free at $300.

~ Buy 5 hour and half massages and get one free at $400.

Hot Stone Massage

Placing hot basalt stones on areas of tension, while also massaging you with them. This treatment takes you to a deep, deep state of relaxation due to the heat, and can penetrate really sore, and tight muscles.

* Optional aromatherapy facial steam, with skin brushing for stimulating circulation, and exfoliating the skin.

~ 11/2 hr. $85


A gentle form of energywork. This is a time of deep rest, but this can also help you move through any blockages holding you back, physically, emotionally, and/ or spiritually.

~ 1 hr. $60


A style of bodywork that stimulates various points on the feet, while also massaging, and rejuvenating the feet, lower legs, and knees.

* Optional skin brushing for stimulating circulation, and provides added exfoliation benefits.

~ $45 for 45 Minutes

Sound Healing

Using various meditative instruments to soothe, and heal mind...body.

~ 1 hr. $60

* Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so everything you put on it is absorbed into your bloodstream, so because of this, I have put a lot of love, and time into researching what is best for me, and my beloved in saying that, you can rest assure that all my oils, carrier, and essential oils are 100% organic. I mostly use sesame seed oil, and almond oil. Please wear light, or no makeup to your appointment, and do not wear new underwear, as all these things can stain my linens, and sometimes do not come out no matter how many times I wash them. Also, please come unscented, so we can maintain a natural environment here, and to receive the full benefits of the experience of the essential oils if they are to be used. It is important I have communication between me, and my clients, so if anything needs to be adjusted for you during your time with me, please do not hesitate to tell me, and I will promptly do what I can to accomodate for you. Also...if you have small children that are not receiving a session, I suggest leaving them at home with a home care provider, or please bring an adult to watch them in the waiting room. Thank you.

* All my sheets, and towels are washed in all natural laundry soap. My business is 100% eco friendly!

* $10 off your first visit, for either an hour massage for $50, or hour and half for $70!

* Cash, or check only.

* Gift certificates available at regular price!

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