I love Joy's quality of work. She draws on so many different disciplines of massage. She is a very intuitive person and knows where on body needs the most attention and healing. She gives a full/wonderful full body massage always.She is a wonderful free spirited person,in that, her presence is warm and friendly. She is very professional. I highly recommend her great services. Give her a try!!!

~ David Stein

Relaxing environment. Joy is wonderful, I typically visit every few months to work out the kinks. Highly recommend scheduling a visit.

~ Mike Hendrickson

Joy was excellent masseuse. I have really enjoyed the spiritual caring person part of her as she gave a massage. I had continuing painful issues with arthritis in my knee and arm but after each massage, YES, I am now a returning customer, I feel amazing again! I would highly recommend her as a masseuse to all! She have always asked, what will makes YOU feel comfortable before her massages and she has always try to fit to all your needs like a caring person. SEE YOU SOON JOY!!!

~ Cheryl Marino

Joy is awesome! She was extremely caring. At the time of my appointment, I was going through bad abdominal cramps, her massage and stones were extremely comforting, it relieved my cramps and I left feeling very relaxed. It was a great experience!

~ Bethzaida

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