Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Trip to Holy India

India is a beautiful country. While I was there I shopped, climbed a beautiful mountain to enjoy the sight of a gorgeous waterfall, and last, but not least, I also swam there. Granted, I was completely tired that night, and felt like I had the flu, from soreness, it was worth every minute. The food in India is beyond your wildest dreams, and I fell in love with Indian breakfast Aloo Paratha. It's like a pancake, with curd, and even at 12am you can find some vendor selling chai tea. India loooooves chai tea. I scooted around through crazy traffic, with my partner, enjoyed the beautiful holy ganga river, swimming there a few times, and yes, the river is very cold, but refreshing.

There are temples everywhere in Rishikesh, places to meditate, do yoga, and almost everywhere In Rishikesh you can enjoy beautiful chant music being heard amongst the vendors, and inside, and outside the temples. The weather is moderately hot, I only experienced a few really hot days, and surprsingly was grateful for air conditioned, as I usually can tough through extreme hot weather with just a fan. Let's see, what else did we do? Mmmm...oh yes, we also visited Narendra Nagar, and ate at a beautiful restaurant looking out at amazing scenery...huge mountains for miles.

You'll see huge shiva, hanuman statues, all sorts of spiritually uplifting statues, and deities that are worshipped, and endeared for their qualities that represent peace, and connectedness, to everything everywhere.

Monkeys....right. They are adorable, but respect them, for they are wild animals, and do not typically enjoy being surprised by visitors touching them, and they might steal food from the kitchen, and make a mess on your hotel porch ha ha ha.

Besides that...we spent a lot of time at Laxman Jhula...the best shopping area, where you can find all things natural, and pure. Ram Jhula was our second favorite shopping area.

Days are hot. Usually closer to evening we found was best for doing our shopping, but sometimes I felt inspired to journey out, even considering the blazing hot weather. At another point made our way to Vashistha Cave, where a famous yogi meditated, and emptied there, or one might say became enlightened.

We also visited the Neem Karoli Baba temple with the giant Hanuman in Rishikesh. Sadly there was not enough time or I would have visited Anandamayi Ma's temple, who was also another famous Saint from India. I also cannot forget my lovely time at the Osho ashram in Rishikesh, and the german shepard dogs. One who had an incredible talent to find the same stone over, and over.

If you enjoy spirituality, freedom, love, you will find it everywhere in India.

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