Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Learn About My Smudgesticks

What in pray tell is a smudgestick?  That's pretty much what the DPW worker was thinking when he saw me clipping off branches on evergreen trees at the Worcester Youth Center.  For the past couple of years I've collected evergreen  after the Christmas holiday season to make smudgesticks.  It originally started out as me trying to save money, but then people in my community loved them, so considering between the time to hunt the material down, cutting, and trimming them to the right size, wrapping them in cotton string, hours of an often sore neck looking down, all in the spirit of love of course, I felt they were worth something, so I started to sell them.
Smudgesticks have been used traditionally in many different cultures to cleanse energy in your space, surroundings, and body, because it's believed to dispell negative vibes, or spirits.  The smell is heavenly, and it really helps bring you into your center, grounding you, creating space for psychic messages to come through, and even clears your thoughts, so you can make better decisions.  I love the white sage, but it's not something I have easy access to, and I believe in sustainability, using what is available.  Depending on the season my offerings differ. In the winter it's common I have evergreen, or cedar, and in the summer I grow peppermint, lavendar, or people give me various things I can get creative with.  My favorite though, hands down...evergreen.  It has an airy scent, the smell is hypnotic, refreshing, reminds me of crisp winter day, clears my third eye, and is very ether, so any density, it helps to clear that right out.  I make two different sizes, small, and large.  I just made a new batch, but it takes a few weeks to dry, and even then, a few months is better to get a good burn.  I hope that you one day get a chance to try my labor of love, it's so meditative for me, to create these, I feel like I'm giving so much to the world in a small way.

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