Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rosemary Gets Your Blood Going

Ya know, I always joke about the Italians, that there's something to feeding your woes away, and tonight being reminded of rosemary, now I know why that culture is so happy, healthy, hot, and steamy... Now now....don't let your mind wander here, I'm talking about food, an herb called "rosemary". Yes, you've all heard about it, and every great Mediterranean dish, pasta sauce, or bread is loaded with it. Turns out, it doesn't just taste good, but it's excellent for the heart, gets your circulation, and "blood going",can actually make you perspire, which is good for releasing toxins. It belongs to the mint family, and is also a menthol, so just smelling it can stimulate your olfactory system, opening all your blood vessels. You can put it lose in salads, use it as an essential oil form in massage oil blends, or alone. Some even drink it as tea. Because it also opens up capillaries in the body, it's excellent for headaches, sometimes which are
caused by poor blood flow. Rosemary is very inexpensive, and even more so if you plant some, it'll grow back fuller, and stronger each year. Some even manage to keep it growing in their home, I myself am not that talented, I've tried, and failed, because it really needs the right environment, and light. A basement space is not condusive to that. Be careful though, because it is stimulating, to much can keep you awake, unless you want to be, have a good looking Italian to keep you company. Ciao, and rosemary wishes...

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