Friday, January 13, 2012

The Power of a Talking Stick

Talking sticks were originally birthed by the Native Americans. They used them as a form of communication, a way to create peace, be heard. They even were used at times when doing business with the United States Government. Now they are mostly used during ritual group sharing circles. The idea is that the person talking has center stage, everyone else is listening, which is a powerful role, as you are holding space for a person to process, or share what's on their minds. Often illnesses are created if we don't have a way to release what we need to say, and sometimes it's even a scream, or a sound, which can create a vibration, or healing from letting it go, others allowing for that movement. You can even make a talking stick for your family, so there are no shouting matches between, mom, and dad, the kids, plus it teaches respect, and that silence is golden, you get much more accomplished if you hear each other without interruption, and get a better sense
of their feelings, or frustrations, so you can move forward in a positive light.
This particular stick in the picture I created for a friend who facilitates drum circles, group sound bath, and sharing circles, and leadership programs. Some of the stuff I used to make it was given to me, even the stick, but the rest I collected from my house. After I smudged it, to clear the energy, and even gave it a lunar eclipse spritz from a spray another friend, and Shaman healer made. I even have my own talking stick I made for sharing circles I facilitate, and have helped beautify others over time. Oh yea, you can also add to them, really make them personal, it's so fun, and great piece of history from ancestors is kept alive by carrying on this tradition.

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