Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Truly Organic is Better Than Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified food has been happening since around 1996. Some common foods that are manipulated are soybeans, rice, corn, cottonseed oil, and canola, which is derived from a rapeseed plant that's not organic, is a gmo created food, and does not serve the body, is toxic, and why I will never use it on clients. By genetically engineering something you change it's natural chemical structure, which is healthy for us, supports our bodies, as nature so perfectly is designed to help us heal, and thrive, is supposed to be in sync with our DNA needs. When something is injected with chemicals unknown to our bodies, we then become unintelligent, because our systems blood streams, and cells can't regenerate as well, and our consciousness is affected, so it dumbs down our vibrations, gives mixed messages, makes it harder to access our bodies natural wisdom, which makes us healthier, more proactive, so we can fend off, or heal diseases, regenerate cells
effectively. The reason for genetically modifying things is to make more of it, but in reality, it creates lack, because it does not support the body, and the chemicals used disrupt, deplete our soils natural minerals, and nutrients that are vital for humankind to survive in strong bodies. The only good that comes out of it, is big corporate farmers make more money, because the profit and loss is less, but they ignore the fact that they know it's not good for us, out of convenience for their pockets. So next time you see GMO'S, think to yourself, is this how I want to love my body, or others by supporting this awful practice, is it worth it? If you think twice about it, then your gut instinct is serving you. Part of what i also do is help people clean out chemicals in their bodies through massage, bodywork, so they can be free, and finally access their highest potential states of consciousness, without stuff clouding their judgement, as to what's truly
right for them, as to many toxins can take you from your center, you becoming dangerously unbalanced, and making decisions that don't honor what's for your best, and highest, or even know what that is, until space is cleared for it. Please, I wish for you all to love your body, love your mind, you deserve it, we owe it to each other, if we are to evolve into better beings. Namaste..

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