Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist- Jenny Lancey LMT

Meet Jenny. Not only do her and I share the same sign in Aquarius, but our birthdays are one day apart. We go way back, knew each other when we were around 19, worked at Pizza Hut together. Years went by, we lost contact, and then a few years back, we reconnected, in a totally different light, realized we were both on the same path, had become Massage Therapists, and Energyworkers. She is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, hosts Reiki shares, leads guided meditations on how to cultivate Qi through Qigong, practices Polarity, Craniosacral, Raindrop Therapy, and just recently started working at Spa Tech as a massage teacher. She is lovable, knowledgable, wonderful mom, a great friend of mine, and kindred spirit. I'm so glad we are part of the same community, found each other again. Oh yea...don't forget to ask her about her Mandalas, walking, and talking sticks, as she has a strong Native American
background. There's just so much to this dynamic, and sweet woman, I love her. Her website is still a working process, but you will find basics, and contact info there. Check out Peace and Love Friends...

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