Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weaving the Web of Life- Making a Dreamcatcher

Last night I had the spontaneous opportunity to make a dreamcatcher with my friend Lily, and my friend Leila. We entered into the space through a ritual smudging, for clearing the energy, and began to weave our own unique web of life. We used various colored strings, beads, and feathers. It really pulled me into a deep feeling of joy, and connection to my Native brothers, and sisters, an energy that has been growing in me. I often ask who were they, and so I allow spirit to guide me to difference practices, rituals they participated in, so I can be closer to traditions lost, and the sacred land we have stolen, destroyed, and people we have killed to get it, all in the sake of ownership, instead of sharing the beauty. I see myself healing, and making better choices to heal naturally, connecting with our Great Mother Earth as honoring those who have been forgotten, or mistreated in the past. The Ojibway(Chippewa) Tribe originally created the dreamcatcher. It was used to
hang above children's beds, or sleeping spaces to help filter bad dreams. Now tribes, reservations everywhere make them, and you can find them at Pow Wows, random artist venues. They traditionally were made with wood, sinew, which is shredded fibers of tendons from animals, hide glue, leather, and feathers. The branches from my dreamcatcher was found by my friend Lily, she soaked them, bent them in the shape of a circle, carefully ripped off the bark to give it a vibrant color, it was a lot of work greatly appreciated by me. A traditional dreamcatcher is about 3 inches across, but some people make them bigger, just because. I feel a lot of gratitude for what I've been blessed to make with my dear friends, and feel I now have more insight into who my ancestors were, and last night I got a lot of answers as I slept, dreaming away, the magic, energy swirling above my head. With deep love, and respect for the Natives that lived before us, now, and
within us... Blessed be. Aho.

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