Saturday, October 27, 2012

Healer Heal Thyself: Gift Sharing & Connection for Lightworkers

Joy's House Nov 17 2pm-5pm

This event is facilitated by my friend Angela Mather- Kiel...

" As mediums, psychics, healers, body/light/energy workers etc. we are deeply powerful and all married to the same goal; to bring more love to the planet. It's time for us to come together to share our gifts with each other and lift the love and power. Can you imagine that? All that high energy as a collective! It should be great!

We will be receiving gifts from others and sharing our own. We will have time as a group circle to hold some energy, share and vibrate higher. Finally we will have some free time to chat, eat and share more with each other.

Please bring a $5 love offering for the space and facilitation. Also it would be great if you could bring some food to share, a mug for tea and anything you need to share your gifts or just something pretty to look at (crystals, cards, drums etc).

We will be meeting from 2- 5 p.m. on Saturday November 17th at Joy's house in Worcester. Message me or Joy Clarkson for address and directions. If you have friends in mind who may like to come please invite them!

Please come! Together we are bringing ourselves, one another, the earth, ALL BEINGS so much love and abundance."

Contact Angela with any questions 508 688 5026

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