Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feature Holistic Artist for November: Pure Juz

Colombian born Luz Gonzalez studied agronomy and has a passion for nature, plants, and herbs. Ten years ago she made Worcester her home and met the love of her life. At the time her partner was dealing with health issues, bedridden, and going from doctor to doctor. After being told to go to the infectious disease doctor, they decided to instead go to Alpha Travel to buy a plane ticket back to Peru, where she had formerly lived and had a trusted doctor. For one month she detoxed her body juicing, with raw foods, colonics, and hot fever baths. In three months she was symptom free. Upon returning to Worcester, they started juicing with friends, at small parties and together had a vision for a place in Worcester where people could heal and enjoy the benefits of juicing. On Luz's birthday this year, a space near their home opened up and seemed like the perfect place to open up a juice bar. Nine months later, they birthed Pure Juz. There were many people involved throughout the process, including a new business partner, Arber Isaak, a local Worcesterite, who brings in managerial and financial skills to the team and strong commitment to community, having volunteered for years running a free soccer program for new immigrant youth in Worcester, Cultural Exchange through Soccer. Pure Juz has been running for a month now and we are moved by the stories our customers have of their own healing processes and how hungry the community is for a place that provides healthy, nutritious, and delicious drinks with no artificial additives. We are excited to grow and open our space more for workshops and classes related to health and wellbeing. We invite you to find us on our facebook page, call us to order your juice ahead our your arrival: 774-243-6850 or find us at 123A Highland St., in Worcester.

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