Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist- Drumblebee Mary Cote Diaz

Mary Cote Diaz is a wonderful person. She carries so much excitement, and passion for drumming, bringing people together through the rythm magic. Through many of her spiritual community events she blossomed, and discovered herself. Ever since she has been full throttle beater to the drum head. Upon having this awakening of her true lifes desire, that healed, and brought her so much joy, she birthed Drumblebee, her beloved drum business, where she makes, and reheads drums. She can surprise you, or you can have one created the way you choose. Give her a vision, and she will run with it, make your drum more beautiful, and unique than you've ever seen before. She hosts Worcester Drum Circle every month at one of our local Unitarian Churches. She has a heart of gold, and talent that surpasses many, but she is humble, and happy as a Drumblebee about her gifts... You can find out more about her events, and products at http://drumblebee.yolasite.com

This is her latest creation, look at that tree of life carved in it, amazing artistry, just beautiful. You go girl!

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