Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist- Angela Mather-Kiel

Meet Angela. She is a mom of two beautiful children, with a plethora of talents that compliment our world growing more whole. Upon meeting Angela it was like a breathe of fresh air. I couldn't believe all the wisdom she carried that she was truly living. There is so much to her, but I want to share just a few of her amazing offerings. One is that she is a doula, helps support, empower women during birth. She tries to encourage natural birth, comforts them during this vulnerable time, helping to guide them around making more supportive decisions around bringing their baby into the world peacefully, with as much love, and comfort as possible, and so the mom can have a more satisfying experience. She is very open minded, but really believes home birth is where you truly can access your power, or at least in an environment that feels safe, and can hold you, and your baby lovingly, so you can experience more joy, than pain during birth. She also has years of her own
personal experience with yoga, which she practices with her kids. She is open to teaching in centers, or on a more personal note in
homes for adults, babies, and children. One of favorite things she does, besides so many, is making soap. This is it people, the real deal, you won't find any toxic chemicals, or synthetic fragrances, and all products used to make them are raw, unrefined base oils, herbs essential oils are all organic. Did I mention she is an excellent holistic cook too?! Yes, this girl has wisdom that surpasses so many in a world where we forget about the importance of supporting, using mother nature as our guide to healing, and experiencing a more transcendent, and whole way of being. She is one of my mentors, a beloved friend, sister, and heroes... You can find out more about Angela at http://www.angelasofferings.com.

Blessed be those who help keep me in the light, inspire, remind me of my own magic, and walk with me so powerfully through accessing my own proactive stance of love....me then sharing it with the world...empowering others. Have a beautiful day friends..

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