Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feature Holistic Artist- Soundscapers Drumming

Top of the Valentine's afternoon to ya'all. Hope you are all enjoying this day of love, even though everyday really is, when you have self love...

I'd like to introduce my very special friends Josh Fonseca, and Joe Hayes. They are both holistic practitioners who facilitate sound bath experiences. Pretty much what happens is you lay comfortably on the floor, on a yoga mat, with blankets if you'd like, pillows, and many types of different meditative instruments , voice, guided imagery takes you to your center through the vibrations. I've experienced many sessions from them, and even got to participate facilitating once, and every time, whether giving, or receiving, I am transported straight to the heart, my mind is calm, body turns to mush in a good way, and if I had any worries, they vanish, if only for a few moments, to sometimes days. They are notorious for using a set of crystal bowls each that coincide with a different chakra, and didgeridoo is a
big piece of it. Because didgeridoo is one of the oldest instruments in the world, very primal, it can stir up a lot of energy, moving a lot to the surface, giving us opportunity to move past what doesn't serve us, making room for us discovering what does. Other instruments, such as drums, chimes, bells, so so many accompany the other unique tools they use. I've known both these men for about 3 years now, each with a caring, loving heart, drive, and desire to bring healing to as many people as possible. I would recommend them anyday. Josh also has started offering a one on one sound healing experience in Providence RI. He also teaches an aerobic yoga to drumming class there. Joe owns a business also that compliments this work called Vision Landscape, helping to make yards come alive with gorgeous plants, flowers, using feng shui to create abuniqueness that fits you, and practices Reiki. They facilitate group sound bath healings all over New
England, mostly RI, and Massachusetts, you can call Josh at 401-225-9082 to schedule a session. Peace, and Good Vibrations...

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