Thursday, March 6, 2014

Feature Holistic Artist for March: Imani Mamalution Real Food Lifestyle Consultant

Imani Mamalution is a real food lifestyle consultant who is passionate about sharing with others the power of nutrient dense, mineral rich foods and the transformational impact they can have on their lives. Her organic cafe, Alchemy, pioneered the raw food movement in Connecticut and featured premium lines of superfood products, detox cleanse programs and hands-on raw food classes. She has been a featured chef on Channel 8 numerous times and is a frequent speaker at health related events. She offers regular talks and demos on Sexy Superfoods and Living a Vibrant Life. She is also the mama of six free-range kids who were unschooled with instincts intact while she ran her organic café. Her four birth children were all born at home and she currently lives with her five daughters ranging in age from 11-22 years. Every day is an adventure and her children serve as the motivation for her success. Imani is a fierce and wild visionary mamapreneur on a mission
to serve and is passionate about providing wealth opportunities for mamas dedicated to feeding their families real food. She is a conduit for prosperity and her motto is to "direct the flow where you want it to go. A single mama for the second time, Imani is forging her destiny to be self-reliant and financially free while funneling decades of dreaming big to benefit the tribe to the next level. She recently launched her Social Media Mycelium Collective for women who looking to ignite their passions while generating some serious revenue.

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